Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween-Sugar Free Style!

Well, this Halloween is the first one without one single candy in my 42 year history. I can't say that I even care about the candy. I look at it like any other ordinary object, like a pencil. Last year, I at a ton. Ate all of the good candy out of my daughter's stash (she was too young to know the difference). I would stuff four or five "snack size" bars in my mouth in a sitting. My school had party after party this year with unbelievable treats. I did not have one single Halloween treat and I don't feel deprived. Mostly, it is because I am satisfied with my fruit or Larabars. The agave sweetened ice cream helps too much. Right now, I feel like I am in limbo land...between really kicking this thing out and stopping the abuse of fruit/bread, with just hanging here sitting with my progress so far. That is why it has taken me a a while to post. I am not experiencing much, in terms of progress. I have not exercised or lost more weights. If I am not careful, my "rogue" fruit/agave/white bread abuse will catch up with me and defeat my goal.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pushing It!

I was at the beach for a few days and did not have access to my scale. I was with about 14 people at a beautiful beach house. I brought my Larabars so I would not feel deprived when everyone else had sugary stuff. I had alternatives planned when the delish french toast breakfast was served. I read every snack package and did not even have the cool pretzle chips because they contained trace amounts of sugar. scale should have been party time, right? Nope. I made up for the lack of sugar with lots of butter! Ate all of those Larabars, had extra servings of dinner and just generally over ate the whole time. I got on the scale this morning and I was up 3 lbs! What up??!? I know what is up-HELLO! The other situation is that I think I am getting my period. That is a huge miracle! I had not had one in years and I have had two in three months off of sugar. Maybe, instead of this bargaining, maybe I should dust off the darn eliptical and get moving. Okay-that is what I am doing tomorrow. I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hop Scotch

My daughter and I were in the kitchen this morning and she was playing hopscotch on the ceramic tile floor. She wanted me to do it too. I thought, no prob! I am a playful mom! In my jammies, I hopscotched across the kitchen floor. All of a sudden, I heard a horrific sound! It was my fat flapping each time I jumped in my jammies in the squares. I am not sure that my daughter noticed, but it sure slowed down my hopscotch career. I had to play the visual in my head complete with sound effects. I am not one to ridicule myself for this weight, but this was gross! This fat is stopping me from being me. Have you ever had that kind of moment?

Maybe that moment will help me stop phoning in my goals. I did only two of the six. I did:
*cook something interesting
*stay sugar free

I did not:
*go to bed before 11:30
*clean up the kitchen before I relaxed
*computer off at 9
*take a tennis lesson

So, I am just going to add one thing-(other than no sugar and cook something interesting)
In bed by 12:00. If I can be successful with that, I can start to lower it.

Thanks again for your wise words!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Bliss. I have missed some food bliss since I have been sugar free. I did have an unbelievable cherry, peach and fresh corn this summer, but it was short of a blissful moment. Today...bliss! I found some unbelievable ice cream sweetened with Agave. It is organic and free trade. Did I mention is was DELISH! I had resolved the fact that I would not have ice cream. I can have it and this a great way to keep me going while not feeling deprived. I am doing better with my Starbucks Vivano. I do not have to have it and have forgotten about it with the colder weather. I am still a little to cozy to the Larabar.

Okay, I have been thinking about your wise words. Thank you, by the way for keeping me honest! I think that my plan is to do weekly plans. Next week I will:
*Be sugar free!
*Go to bed at 11:00 and be in bed by 11:30
*Clean up kitchen, do lunches, organize for the day before T.V.
*Computer off at 9:00
*Take a tennis lesson on Thursday
*Cook something interesting.

What is one of your goals this week?