Monday, May 19, 2008

Letting Myself Go...

How could I have let myself go? I let stress go overboard. I was unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant for over a year with crazy fertility shots. Fertility stress could send anyone over the edge. I had never been so strung out in my life. Being a principal of not one, but two schools also did it. Becoming a mom, finally, with an hour's notice of the arrival of my baby-that can do it. All of these reasons are the catalyst for my spiral into serious obesity. I still do not have an handle on the stress. How will I cope with big stresses better?

One thing that is going well is keeping my word to myself.. I let myself go...without mochas and diet coke. I am thrilled that I can believe myself that I can do these small things. The next one is a reasonable bed time. As you can see it is 2:13 on a school night! Summer will be a killer for that lifestyle change. I can feel myself getting ready to let myself go... to bed early. I will keep ya posted!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joy, good for you, continuing on without your mochas and diet coke. That seems like a HUGE thing to me. Those drinks are harder to give up than a lot of foods.

Man, your life has been too stressful. That kind of stress, and that much, usually makes you physically ill. I hope things are slowing down for you now.

Since I have been trying to make myself go to bed earlier, I have done a couple things to try to make bedtime more enticing. One thing I did was to buy REALLY nice sheets. And I make my bed every morning (something I never did before) and I have a big pillow that is very comfortable for sitting up in bed to read.

Keep up the good work, Joy. You can do it...for the rest of your life.