Friday, December 26, 2008

I Am Over It!

I will officially put the Sugarpolooza to bed as I hit the pillow tonight. I am SICK of sugar and let me tell you, I do not feel well. I have shortness of breath, every time I eat some sugar, my chest feels tight, and I ache. My sugar overload was excessive and I sure feel the effects. In the morning, I will put a plan together for phase two! I seriously can't wait. If this "experience" has taught be anything, it is that I want a different quality of life. I want a vibrant and energetic life. On sugar, I have anxiety. I worry when I am on sugar. I worry that I will die in the middle of the night and leave my child motherless. These days on sugar had me worrying about that all of the time. Ironically, my daughter and I were in an accident this past week, when a car ran his stop sign and hit us as we travelled down the road. We are okay. Clearly, this is not my time to die. I have way too much to do. I can either spend my time worrying or I can lose the weight and be a vivacious person who is living life.


carla said...

I vote for this:
I can lose the weight and be a vivacious person who is living life.

and am happy to help.

you can do it. you can shine on 2009.

sappy? yes. a good mantra? FOR SURE.

Kimberly said...

I don't know how you are able to compose complete sentences. If I were to go on a sugar crack binge I would be a complete wreck by this point. It is poison for me. I swear it is worse than fat.

Amy @ Live Well said...

Good luck with your journey! Have a plan, keep at it, and work hard! You can do it as long as you continue to focus on what you want as your end result.

Live well!

spunkysuzi said...

I'm with Kimberly on this one i find sugar is absolutely poison to my body!!