Saturday, December 27, 2008


Weight update after sugarpolooza-the same at 288. I consulted with David Vanadia, my sugar free mentor, at
and he suggested that to ease back into sugar free life, I should use borderline foods (Any sugar free food that does not make me binge) and start there. I had a really successful day. I did not feel deprived, but I did feel much more in control. I have almost given all of my sugary treats away did not want to eat my delish caramels. I am not worried yet about hidden sugars and over doing agave during this transition. I am happy to report that I went to bed at 9:15 and got up at 8:15 for some really good sleep. That in turn, makes me want to get on my elliptical and rock it! I also took my vitamins. I have such an appreciation for the way I felt off of sugar. Now, I need to get serious about how much I use agave and fruit. I also need to get serious about exercise for health and also to get more results for my efforts. Here is my plan (after the transition) for phase two.
*use the resource of mizfit and other exercise to implement a plan for regular exercise
*only use agave or larabars for once in a while treats
*remove non sugar trigger foods like those Gladfood popcorn nuggets
*use melatonin after I eat dinner to start the process of being tired and going to bed no later than 11:30 (striving for 10)
*make lunch at home to save money and eat better at least 4 days a week
*organic when possible
*cage free foods
*eat at home more for better quality of food
*clean the kitchen right after dinner instead of procrastinating so I stay up later
*slowly remove white bread products like pizza dough etc.
*read more at night
That is enough for now! What are you adding or taking away from your plan?


Kimberly said...

You are really going to be feeling great in a few days doing all of those things.

I'm not really taking anything away from my diet plan. I think I am good for now because I've got a good plan to work with.

Pubsgal said...

Hi Joy! I've been reading along but not much time to comment, having been out of town. Glad you and your daughter are okay after the traffic accident. I'm also glad that you got advice from your sugar-free mentor about transitioning off of the sugarpalooza. Sounds like a good plan, and you sound more well already!