Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tour of Forbidden Foods

Here is a sugarpolooza update:

I can't believe how different I feel. I wake up walking like an 80 year old man. I am stiff and my tongue feels likes I have assaulted it with sugar sand paper. It is like a sour, sugar burn. My mouth is sour and sugar is too sweet. The more sugar I eat, the more desensitized my tongue becomes. I have gained five lbs in a short time. I don't pop up off the sofa easily. I have more anxiety on sugar. I worry about things that I have not worried about for 141 days.

I think that I have noticed enough difference, that when I detox, I will have a renewed purpose that was not there before. I want to move to a phase two:
regular exercise
only "use"agave or fruit bars once a week
lay off white bread type stuff except for once a week

I will have a heck of a detox coming up! I actually can't wait to get going again. That is CRAZY coming from me. I still don't care much about chocolate now and that never would have come out of my mouth. Right now, I am shoving chocolate in my mouth way past the point of even wanting it.

I am taking a "tour of forbidden foods" between now and the 26th. I love teriyaki chicken and want to have that. I had Thai (which is so sugared up). I wanted the Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate and I have had three times. Why did I need to get the HUGE size all three times? What else should I eat between now and Christmas??!?

I am certainly learning a lot about this whole process. I feel out of control and worry about the detox. I think I needed to go through this so I can finally "get it" that this needs to be a way of life for me. When I have had this stuff, it has been "no big whoop," except for chocolate chip cookie dough. That stuff is like crack. The other foods so far have been no big deal. What foods do you build up to be better than they actually are when you finally eat it? What foods are your "crack?"


Kimberly said...

Detox is definitely the right word. I allowed myself a Thanksgiving indulgence, that lasted 2 weeks, and within 2 days I had to go to bed for a day and a half because I literally could not move. I was tired. I couldn't focus well. It was really sad and taught me a lesson.

Since I've been eating right I have hung on to the notion that I was just not eating certain foods because they weren't part of the plan. However, over time my taste buds have changed and what I used to find appealing no longer is. I popped a mini Reeses cup in my mouth and instantly spit it out because it tasted like crap. That was like my favorite over the counter candy before.

My food crack? Anything with good chocolate in it, dark chocolate especially. It would send me over the edge if I were to indulge.

FatGirl said...

I understand about the detox, and sugar being poison; when I eat sugary foods nowadays I feel weird and buzzy!

Juice said...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Nutella are both crack to me. Oh, my, so so good.