Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting it Together!

I had a really good eating day today. It is my first day of sugar free eating after my sugarific Valentine's day. I ate a box of See's candy in two days! Houston, we have a problem!!!!!!!!!! I ate well and did not feel deprived today. I really want to get my act together and today is the first step. As always, sleep is a key factor. I am putting together some rules for myself. Maybe the term "rules" is not good. Guidelines? Part of why I am staying up too late is if I sit down after dinner and don't do the dishes, I will procrastinate until it is very late because I get involved with other projects. Also, I wake up after 11:00. It is a peak time for me creatively. So, here are this week's health guidelines"
*Clean kitchen right after dinner
*Take a Melatonin tablet after dinner
*Turn off computer by 8:00

I purposely did not put food restrictions on my weekly guidelines. I am looking at behavior guidelines that will facilitate my energy for exercise etc.

My other goal is to lose enough weight in 13 months to be able to fly on a airplane without having a anxiety attack. I have zero fear of flying. I have traveled extensively and worked in 30 states. I have been to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport 30 times! No, my anxiety is all about needing the seat belt extender. One time, I lied and said that I was pregnant. The last trip, I just asked for one. It was humiliating!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I am going on a fun trip with the family and I will not need a seat belt extender! I think that is a do able goal!


debbyweighsin said...

Yes, Joy, I have had the seat belt extender anxiety. But even worse was worrying about extending into someone else's seat space. I would try to sit very still for the whole flight, which was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. It was such a joy to fly and have extra room in the seat, and to be nice to the overweight man next to me!

Glad to see you're back and trying.

Juice said...

That is a great goal! And it has a built in reward - a vaca with your family. :)