Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Hate My New Scale!

I don't hate it for the high weight reading. I hate it because I get several different numbers if I step on it multiple times. Yikes! I think I have lost over 12 lbs, but I am not confident of that accuracy. Help! Do you love your scale? What are the best scales?


Mara said...

I so hate a scale. The only scales I like are the ones at the doctor's office. They are always on target and I don't have to second guess the electric ones. I understand your pain it is really tuff when you see those numbers staring at you.


debby said...

Hi Joy, I kept thinking about this. Then I finally remembered that I didn't have a scale at all the whole time I was losing weight--just weighed in once a week at w.w. And occasionally would sneak a weigh-in at work on one of the hospital scales. I finally got a scale when my weight loss became maintenance of a sort. But I wouldn't worry about your scale and the different weights. It is really just a trend of what is going on in your body.

The only thing that I noticed about my scale is that when I would prop it up against the wall (to keep it out of the way) and then put it down to weigh me, it would have wild weight swings. I guess it got out of balance. I like mine okay. It is a homedics. But I think there are a lot of nice scales out there

Pubsgal said...

Mine does the same thing, too. I usually just go with the first number I get. And I only really count my once-per-week number, daily weighings are more just to gauge things. Even the calibrated scales can differ. My diabetes nurse-educator said her scale is 3 pounds more than that of the nutritionist next door--go figure.

Some digital scales--our old one, for example--are sensitive to being moved. The instructions said to disregard the first number if you move the scale (such as sliding it around on the floor, for example).