Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diet Coke

I have been off of Diet Coke for several months now until today. I went to see the movie, The Women, and I forgot my contraband fruit juice. I decided to just have a Diet Coke. It was better than a sugary drink (except for the horrific chemicals). In the past, I would have taken having the Diet Coke and an excuse to go "all or nothing" on myself. Having it was such a non issue. It was a watered down version of Diet Coke and it did not open the flood gates of unhealthy eating. I won't have another one for a long time. I did not die because I had one. It is okay. I know it sounds ridiculous to go on about a can of diet soda. I am happy that I am starting to manage my all or nothing former way of being with food.

I had written in a post about my over doing of fruit and that appears to be over too. I think it did relate to PMS. Since I had not had a period for so long, I did not remember how much my cravings went bonkers.

My terrible scale is about ready to hit the trash. If I step on the scale with one foot, it is 282, if I step with the other foot, the scale says 287. Weird. I have no idea which one is correct. This week, I am going to either stop weighing except at a friend's house once a week, or just deal with my scale and keep watching the trend of weight loss forgetting about an actual number. What do you think?


working at it said...

I'm all for not weighing at all. No..just kidding. I just have a problem getting on the scale. I say congrats for hitting a movie and having a diet coke. That's really awesome. I have diet sodas as a treat. I love diet orange crush or a diet root beer. I still drink lots of water so hopefully it all balances. It's better than the alternative. Way to go.

Pubsgal said...

Ugh, I know what you mean about scales. My current scale always shifts up from zero after I weigh. So I usually just set it to zero, step on it once, and am done with it. I know it's pretty accurate, though, because it's not far off from the doctor's and diabetes educators' scales.

I like your idea to weigh once a week at a friend's house, that's a good idea.

We had a digital scale previously. It did the same thing you're describing, and that drove me nuts! I wasn't visiting doctors much those days, and when I went in for a checkup, I found out that I weighed 20 pounds more than our scale was showing! Ack!!!

Congrats on the movie and the Diet Coke! We went bowling about a month after I started my "clean eating," (which included no sodas), and drank a bunch of Diet Pepsi. I, too, would probably have regarded that as a "here I go again" moment, but nope, it didn't trigger wanting more & more. Whew!