Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Up a Pound and Happy!

That might sound odd, but I am actually happy that I am up a pound on my weigh in day. It is a signal that I have been a little too reckless with my portions, Starbucks Vivanno's, and Larabars. The last two items are sugar free but sweetened by natural fruit. Since I have given up sugar, I have not limited whatever non sugar food (like pizza) I am eating. Lately, I am eating later in the evening, also. My body had been losing 2lbs a week without much effort besides not eating refined sugar. I could eat pizza, Larabars and Vivannos because I was still losing. My body is at a plateau. I can either keep eating this way and maybe lose occasionally, or I have to kick it up a notch. The jig is up, people! I feel like I am kind of addicted to the Larabars. I am having two a day as a sweet hit after meals. Vivanno's are $4.25 (with the green tea powder). My smoothy bill for the month would be 127.50. That is obsurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually think I am going to need to get off of Larabars and Vivanno's. Isn't strange to have an addiction to fruit? I am going to work out this weekend, limit my Vivanno's and Larabars this week and slowly remove them from my diet unless I can miraclously have them like a normal person. I have a food plan for the week, so that helps. My meals have been pretty healthy. I am hoping my efforts will show on my scale next Tuesday. I will let you know! Onward!


Mara said...

Keep moving forward and you will see the pounds come off. I had a good week this week but I can have those off weeks also. Good luck we are behind you.


Pubsgal said...

Good luck, Joy! It sounds like you've got a good plan in place. That's great that just cutting the refined sugar has brought you so far.

Lyn said...

I have a serious STarbucks problem myself!! If I had my way I would have an iced soy vanilla latte every day. I try and limit it to once a week. If you KNOW there is one day a week you can have a Vivanno, then it is easier to wait for it!